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Subject : hair
Question : hi i wanna ask about my hair problem actually i have short hair like boys, my hairs r always oily , i do not use oil, and also not gel, but even then they are like that, please give me a tips. P.S. I use patené shampoo
Posted by : Saneela Ashraf
Posted on : 2003-04-07
Reply : Pantene shampoo contains silicon wich is apparently so supposed 2 make the hair shiny istead is strangles each piece of hair. Like priyanka sed try shampoos that r for oily hair such as herbel essence wich u can get for the type of hair u have.
From : aniqa
On : 2003-07-12
Reply : Your problem may be that you are washing your hair too much! When you wash your hair (or face or body) you remove the oils on your skin that are naturally there. Then your body thinks that it has to make more oil, so it does. Then you quickly wash that off too, and so your body thinks it needs to make a lot more oil, so it does. Try washing your scalp two or three times a week, and just wash the rest of your hair daily. Hope it helps! :)
From : Kellie
On : 2003-05-12
Reply : y don't u buy shampoo for oily hair it works
From : priyanka
On : 2003-05-03
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