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Subject : skin lightening
Question : Hi i am an asian in year 11 and i have really dark skin from being out in the sun and things my skin is not naturally dark but i was wondering if anyone knows any solutions to make my skin lighter. I am not to keen on using expensives cremes.etc as i have been warned of the side affects. I drink milk everyday in the hope that it will help but i am not sure if it is doing anything. natural methods would be great. thank you if you can help xxx
Posted by : sara
Posted on : 2003-03-23
Reply : Hi sweetie..... try n mix raw milk & Kesar,clean ur face with water ,apply this solution with the help of a cotton ball let it dry n then wash with cold water...Do thi swhile goin to bed n then apply any gun cream... Also cut a tomato n apply the juice it'll wrk as a natural bleach for U n keep smiling be positive....U'll glow within... Love ya Raina :-)
From : Raian
On : 2005-12-05
Reply : HI, my suggestion for having black spots on face is the indication of Melasma. It is the skin condition that is caused by hormonal changes or sometimes the exposures to the sun. The time it can occure is during the pregnecy or during the time you are taking any kind of hormonal pills. My suggestion is assiste dermatologiest(skin specialist) and take the medication also avoid the sun exposure because the spots get darker if they are exposed to the sun. So use any kind of SPF 30 or higher concentration lotion that is availabe in market.
From : Jaanki
On : 2005-05-07
Reply : Hi, well, i am 28 years old... what can i do to look my face fair and smooth and shine.. at morning hours time.. whenever i go in sun my face looks pale and no shine.. my complexions turns black.. and dull..
From : juhi talreja
On : 2005-03-03
Reply : hi there. please can anyone give me a bleaching remedy. my back is much darker than the rest of my body and that looks very odd. what can I do?
From : Desh
On : 2004-11-16
Reply : Hi, I am a 27 year old married woman.My skin is very dull and there are lots of black spots on my face. Kindly advise what sort of cream I need to use. I have been using only fair and lovely all these years.I tried using facial packs like orange and cucumber but that made my skin more worse.
From : Malini
On : 2004-10-28
Reply : Try doing the Chemical Peel (AHA) from NeoStrata. Chemical peels will make your skin peel faster coming up with new skin.
From : Raju
On : 2004-02-27
Reply : hi, my name is eesha and i have used almost every [roduct out there and the one i can say works for sure id retinA that stuff works 100% or you can use a brand called fashion fair, we get it in canada cuz thats where i live but there is a bleaching cream in that brand try it out!
From : eesha
On : 2003-11-20
Reply : hi if u have mallai which is full cream apply ta to your face but make sure you face is clean it makes your skin lighter and it also makes it glow and try to use sunscreen whenever out in the sun. you can also use milk with a few drops of rosewater.
From : sargam
On : 2003-11-20
Reply : Listen my little desi, you should first of all be happy with who you are. No matter what shade your skin is you will always be beautiful. You dont have to change yourself for anything, and always remember that. Take care...
From : Malu girl
On : 2003-11-17
Reply : keep out of sun as much as possible, try whitening creams but avoid creams which are rich and made for mature skins. try revlons skin lights after your moisturizer if you going out. it really gives a glow to your face and gives a fairer look. adds abit of shine
From : shayal
On : 2003-06-29
Reply : use nivea whitening facial cleanser and use biotique coconut cream every night, it helps to lighten the skin, and try to avoid being in the sun too long.
From : cindrella
On : 2003-05-27
Reply : Use a very good moisurizer with sunscreen. At the very least, an SPF 15. Wear a hat with a brim. Also, wear light colored clothing to deflect the sun's rays, and wear sunscreen on all parts of your body that is exposed to the sun, even your feet. :)
From : Kellie
On : 2003-05-12
Reply : You should try and use fair and lovely cream, it takes about 6 weeks if used correctly and can make your skin very fair and make it glow
From : Yasmin
On : 2003-05-03
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