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Subject : I need some help.....
Question : I wear glasses all the time and in a magazine of mine it says that people who wear glasses shouldnt wear makeup at all....but I am getting into all of the makeup and stuff now...and I dont know what to do....if anyone has makeup tips for me I would deeply appreciate it! just email me back. ~ Riley
Posted by : Riley
Posted on : 2003-03-03
Reply : I wear glasses also.I find that if you wear glasses with fine (wire like)rims,the make up lopoks beautiful..almost as if you had no glasses at all.
From : Trini
On : 2006-01-14
Reply : Hey girl! DO NOT listen to magazines. Seriously. Most of them (ok ALL of them) promote things such as unhealthy body image, promiscuality, materialism, etc. So basically what Im saying is, you can do what ever you feel is right for you. So you wear glasses, thats cool. My only advice for you (and this is from experience) dont wear too much DARK eye makeup around your eyes. With the glasses, it might make your eyes look small and deepset. But other than that, wear as much mascara you want, and a little eye liner, and you're good to go. A GREAT thing for you to invest in (whether you wear glasses OR contacts...or neither) is an eyelash curler. For about 2 dollars you can make your eyes look more open and bright, and your eyelashes longer. I definitely suggest getting an eyelash curler. Anyways...have fun experimenting with your makeup finding a look that you feel best suits you. AND..if all else fails, you can always go to department store (such as Macy's, Dillard's, Neiman Marcus, etc) that have cosmetics counters, and ask someone to give you a makeover (they're free) and some make-up tips for women who wear glasses.
From : dez
On : 2005-10-16
Reply : hi well i suggest u start wearing contact lenzes which wod make ur eyez look really attractive even if u aint got make up n as 4 da mags dey jus say anyfin so dnt believe em
From : azma
On : 2004-06-06
Reply : hi, i have got nail marks on my cheeks so will u suggest me a good cream so that my face should be clean and clear
From : seema
On : 2003-11-24
Reply : magazines are just stupid and most of the time they think they are better and just want to put you down, you can wear make up just dont over excess it
From : Sango
On : 2003-10-04
Reply : Sweetheart, you can wear makeup and look beautiful. Just make sure not to overload your eyes. maintain ur brows and always use maskara. You can use liner if u like and neutral shadows.. love urself and dont read these ridiculous mags
From : GM
On : 2003-09-16
Reply : u shoulsn't alwayz believe wat da magz say!do wat u think iz right.
From : karenna
On : 2003-08-07
Reply : When I wear my glasses, I wear really light eye make-up. Just some mascara, and make sure you brush your eyebrows into shape. I find that if I wear eye make-up with my glasses, it makes my eyes look small (they are not small) and tired. Other than that, I wear the rest of my make-up as usual.
From : Kellie
On : 2003-05-12
Reply : there's nuthin like u cant wear makeup when u were glasses.......!!!!! another option is use contact lenses!
From : flonn
On : 2003-03-28
Reply : Hello!! Thats just a lie,who ever said that is just making up things.You can always wear make up with glasses, and if ur that considered about it you can always wear contact lenses =).Every girl has to look good. OS if u want to wear make up its all up to you, no ones is going to stop you and belive me it will look good. hope that answers your question,thanks
From : Delini SIlva
On : 2003-03-26
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