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Subject : Love Proposal
Question : As i m interested in a beautifull gal & as she is quite moody & sensitive in nature so how should i keep my proposal in front of her... as even i didnt talked to her yet, ( just eye relationship ). Will u please guide me regarding this..
Posted by : Sudesh
Posted on : 1905-06-05
Reply : i have asked her first she said no. Now how i ask her. i am nervous if she again replyed no then
From : kushal shah
On : 2004-02-08
Reply : i love a girl but i cant tell her iam afraid that by doing so ihave chances to loose her
From : navneet
On : 2003-10-17
Reply : Well, if you like this girl, go ahead and tell her that. Either she will say 'yes' or 'no'. What more can happen but keeping only eye contact is not going to convey your feelings to her. Thus if you are shy then you can ask a common friend to tell her your feelings. Or just send her flowers with a love letter. Best of luck.
From : Kavi Raj
On : 2003-08-11
Reply : Everey girl are moody even me, and always a girl waits for the proposal from man's side so u should propse her before any else propose her as u said she is beautiful...Best of luck
From : Neelma
On : 2003-04-09
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