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Subject : refusal on proposal
Question : what would you do if your boyfriend on your proposal to marry you said "it depends......."?
Posted by : Oxana
Posted on : 2003-02-18
Reply : all you have to tell him is that you love him dearly and that he would be crazy not to marry you.and if he does go on with out then he was just a but head any ways
From : christina
On : 2005-05-29
Reply : well .. just say him .. lovin u is just like breathing so temme .... how can i stop ?? no mater u have stoped but icant okzzz
From : faruq afridi
On : 2004-10-13
Reply : Vishu is so right. End it now or forever loose ur peace of mind.
From : GM
On : 2003-09-16
Reply : Hey! That'a signal for you to take! forget him. Beleive me you will survive! It's difficult in the beginning, but most of us have faced such a situation and we have all survived. Continue with this guy and feel insecure every minute, every day or JUST STOP MEETING HIM and face a few difficult days followed by a peaceful life- the choice is yours!
From : ABC
On : 2003-09-10
Reply : I would say, nothing to do with ... Love is a quite strong thing with two persons. Love is marvelous without questions. Hope for you to discover Love. I lokk for ... Kindly, Jean-Pierre
From : jean-pierre
On : 2003-03-23
Reply : obviously kick the guy on his butt.cant u notice all ths kinda guy wants is pleaure not commitment.
From : Lady_Dracula
On : 2003-03-20
Reply : "Ummmmmmmm", I would "dump" him ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
From : Leena
On : 2003-03-12
Reply : Boys are all Kaam se Matlub types. Their only intention is to have sex with their girlfreinds. If you are told the above thing from your boyfreind never allow him to touch you and never allow him to have the comfort of your company .
From : vishu
On : 2003-03-08
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