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Subject : boyfriend
Question : what would u do if ur boyfriend didn't call u on your b'day ??
Posted by : Angel
Posted on : 2003-02-15
Reply : dump him. slap him then show him the door.
From : jay
On : 2005-08-30
Reply : Dump him! ( simple as that)
From : Asma
On : 2005-01-13
Reply : i woud kill him if he 4got my bday, my boy frnd didnt cal me or evn txt me on new years day 2005. i wuz wel upset, his excuse wuz he got 2 pised an didnt tink, he said he wil mke it up 2 me, but dey r jus words. i thougt i woud start da new year wid my b frend but seems lyke he wasnt botherd. anyway aftr da nite he got really ill cuz he drank 2 much he deservd it.
From : samya
On : 2005-01-06
Reply : If your bf doesn't call u in your birthday. That means he doesn't think u are anything that important in he's life.
From : Janetd
On : 2004-06-01
Reply : it has happened to me, so i know what it's feel like when some1 who u love the most forget you b-day,,, but dont worry if he love u more then anything he will pay for it... :)
From : kru
On : 2003-12-06
Reply : Hey Sweetheart, If my boyfriend forgot my birthay, hewould be out of the door. Birthdays are special to me ad by forgetting mine he is just telling me how important I am. I do not give the time of day to such insensitive ppl. Good Luck
From : GM
On : 2003-09-16
Reply : Hello Angel, If my boy friend did not call me in my B-Day I would freak out. Well not really but I will get angry.But unfortunally my anger will go away.I mean it is not the end of the world.Right?
From : Dianna
On : 2003-09-12
Reply : I'd be pretty irritated, and I'd give him the cold shoulder and that by forgetting my birthday it was like saying "sorry ur not important enough for me to remember your birthday"
From : Tigress420
On : 2003-08-26
Reply : i would not do anything and dun even remind him and when it is his birthday i will give him his present and that's when he remember....
From : Aarti
On : 2003-05-27
Reply : I wouldn't mention anything for a while and would conviniently forget a very important date/arrangement/appointment of his (as long as it won't put me too difficult situation)
From : LILA
On : 2003-02-18
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