Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor might be hot-headed, snob and arrogant but what she has acheived is something that any actress of her genre would die for. She has established that she is a wonderful and mature actress and therefore has all the prestigious projects in her kitty. Kareena talks about her latest release Kyun Ki.

Excerpts from an interview with SeasonsIndia correspondent Sanyukta.

What made you sign Kyun Ki?
Well, it was an instant reaction. As soon as i heard the script, i knew that i would do the film. I play the role of a doctor and have never done anything like this before. Also I did Hulchul with Priyanji (Priyadarshan) which was a big success and that is why I wanted to work with him again. Also the role excited me and i wanted to do something different.

How was it like working with Salman for the first time?
Working with Salman was a wonderful experience. I pairing up with Salman was very comfortable because we are like a family. I'm very friendly with his sisters and it was a very positive atmosphere.

How was it like working with Priyadarshan again?
Priyanji is one of todays most sought after directors because he has a very good track-record. He is always prepared and knows what he exactly wants and that makes him so special. Priyan brings out the best in me. I'm also doing Priyanji's next as well where I have a fantastic role again.

How was it like working with Priyadarshan's favorite Rimmi Sen?
We have shot together only for a couple of days. She is very lovely sweet and hard-working. And it was great working with an actress who is so sincere in her work.

Were you comfortable wearing Sari in the movie?
Very much. I like wearing saris. They can be really glamorous. Look how sensuous Sridevi looked in a sari in Chandni and Mr India, Madhuri Dixit in the Dhak dhak song in Beta, or my sister Karisma in Raja Hindustani. I don't think being attractive is about just short skirts and high heels.

Wasn't Salman uncomfortable romancing you?
(Laughs). Yes at first, he was very awkward being paired with me. 'How can I be romancing you? You're Lolo's kid sister,' he said. But like two professionals, we succeeded in establishing a comfort level. Now we're doing Salman's home production My Punjabi Nikaah. We'll have loads of fun.

Any memorable moments?
This movie will always be memorable because it is the first time I am working with Salman. There wasn't a single dull moment because he is so loving and jovial. He used to say whatever came into his mind and it was very tough to react but that's the way he is and I love him for that. Words fall short in explaining the kind of human being he is.

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