Brooke Shields

Occupation: Actress, Model
Date of Birth: May 31, 1965
Place of Birth: New York, N.Y., USA
Sign: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Gemini
Relations: Father: Frank Shields (Revlon executive); mother: Teri Shields (former model, manager); grandfather: Francis X. Shields (tennis champ); half-sister: Marina Shields; ex-husband: Andre Agassi (professional tennis player); fiancÚ: Chris Henchy (TV writer)
Education: Princeton University


FROM Ivory Baby through Pretty Baby and beyond, Brooke Shields has truly lived her life on-camera. Her modeling career began at 11 months with the Ivory Snow campaign, and with the help of her mother, Terri, the mother of all stage mothers, she was a top model by the age of 12. She made her acting debut as a child prostitute, in Louis Malle's Pretty Baby, opposite Keith Carradine; she showed a talent for playing the Lolitaesque nymphet, which came in handy in her naked romp with Christopher Atkins in the very successful The Blue Lagoon. By the time she reached her late teens, it was evident that Shields' flat-voiced acting abilities were not overwhelming. She tried hard in Endless Love, but subsequent movies were box-office disappointments. Still, there were those hot Calvin Klein jeans commercials and the B.A. in French lit from Princeton. Since the public so often hears of child stars who have crashed and burned, Shields has emerged relatively unscathed and refreshingly unaffected by her unusual upbringing. She has even survived the public derision that followed her public declaration of a commitment to premarital celibacy. She finally made an honest man out of her longtime companion, tennis champ Andre Agassi, when the couple married in April 1997, but they broke their love match two years later.

In career terms over the last several years, Shields starred in a Broadway revival of Grease, and launched her own sitcom, Suddenly Susan, which lasted four seasons. News that she was engaged to Susan scribe Chris Henchy hit the wires in summer 2000. On the big screen, she has landed roles in several independent films, and recently appeared in James Toback's Black and White, playing a documentary filmmaker who takes to the streets of New York City to interview people about hip-hop.

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