John Grisham

Occupation: Writer
Date of Birth: February 8, 1955
Place of Birth: Jonesboro, Ark., USA
Sign: Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo
Relations: Wife: Renee; kids: Ty, Shea
Education: Mississippi State; University of Mississippi Law School


JOHN GRISHAM was a practicing attorney and member of the Mississippi state legislature when his first novel, A Time To Kill,, was published. (He woke up at 5:00 every morning for three years in order to finish the novel.) His next novel, The Firm, was one of the biggest hits of 1991, spending 47 weeks on The New York Times best-seller list and becoming the longest-selling paperback on the Publishers Weekly best-seller list. It was made into a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise, and the film became one of the biggest hits of 1993. The Pelican Brief, starring Julia Roberts as a Tulane law student, was released the following year and was another major hit. The Client and The Chamber enjoyed similar best-seller status, and in 1994 The Client became yet another hit film, this time starring Susan Sarandon in a role that earned her an Oscar nomination. When A Time To Kill was sold to Hollywood, Grisham received $6 million and final say over the script and casting.

Americans may say they hate slick lawyers, but they sure love to read about them  Grisham's novels have been translated into 31 languages. At home in Oxford, Miss., life is hardly a trial. Mrs. Grisham edits her husband's manuscripts while he coaches Little League.

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