Hugh Grant

Occupation: Actor, Producer
Date of Birth: September 9, 1960
Place of Birth: London, England, U.K.
Sign: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus
Relations: Ex-girlfriend: Elizabeth Hurley (model)
Education: Oxford University


WOMEN all over the world fell for Hugh Grant's tousled locks, delicate features, and vulnerable, boyish air in his role as the rakish, aristocratic Brit in Four Weddings and a Funeral. (Japanese women discovered Grant first: Hugh Grant Vol. 1 and Hugh Grant Vol. 2 became quite popular in Tokyo bookstores.) He first appeared in front of the camera at Oxford in Privileged at the age of 22; he then went on to theatre work, forming his own revue. His movie career took off at 27, in Merchant-Ivory's Maurice, for which he won the Venice Film Festival's Best Actor prize. After that, he was cast as Lord Byron (what else?) and Chopin. Grant never seems to take himself too seriously, which made his youthful sophistication in Four Weddings so endearing. The surprise success of that picture made Grant the flavor of the year in Beverly Hills boardrooms and, apparently, on Hollywood Boulevard. In 1995, Hugh became the scandal of the year by hiring a prostitute, Divine Brown, to perform certain acts in the privacy of his automobile. Not so private, it turned out. Grant was arrested, made fun of, and remarkably, lauded for his actions. Newspapers and television shows around the world covered his troubles. Longtime girlfriend, Estée Lauder model Elizabeth Hurley, was not amused; she claimed she would never ("No, never, no, no") marry him. The couple collaborated on several movie projects, the most recent being 1999's Mickey Blue Eyes, which Hurley co-produced and Grant starred in and co-directed. The couple finally called it quits after 13 tumultuous, if photogenic, years in May 2000, though they both will continue to run Simian Films, the production company they cofounded.

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