Vanessa LWilliams

Occupation: Actress, Singer
Date of Birth: March 18, 1963
Place of Birth: New York, N.Y., USA
Sign: Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn
Relations: Husband: Rick Fox (pro basketball player); ex-husband: Ramon Hervey; kids: Jillian, Melanie, and Devin (with Hervey); Sasha Gabriella (with Fox)
Education: Attended Syracuse University


VANESSA WILLIAMS made history twice: first, in 1983, when she was became the first black woman to be chosen Miss America; and again, in 1984, when she was forced to relinquish her crown after Penthouse published nude photos of her taken years before. (The chairman of the beauty pageant said, "I have never before seen anything like these photographs.Ugh... I can't even show them to my wife.") Losing the title meant losing $2 million in product endorsements and the lead in a Broadway musical. Most people assumed her career was over, but Williams' talent won out. In little more than a decade, Williams had a massive hit with "Save the Best for Last"; a gold album; a critically praised Broadway role in Kiss of the Spider Woman; and hit movies opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger (Eraser) and Laurence FishburneHoodlum), and alongside Vivica Fox (Soul Food). Try and name another Miss America who's done this well.

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