Sigourney Weaver

Occupation: Actress
Date of Birth: October 8, 1949
Place of Birth: New York, N.Y., USA
Sign: Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces
Relations: Father: Pat Weaver; husband: Jim Simpson; kid: Charlotte; brother: Trajan (named after the Roman Emperor)
Education: Stanford University, Yale University


THE daughter of NBC president Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, Susan Weaver enjoyed an eastern establishment childhood capped off by degrees from Stanford and Yale. (No one we know can say for sure whether or not she took drugs in those days, but the fact that she dressed up like an elf and lived in a treehouse with her college boyfriend makes you wonder.) Borrowing a more interesting first name from a character in The Great Gatsby, Sigourney Weaver proved her dramatic talent in a variety of off-Broadway plays before piloting her space ship to glory in Alien. As Ripley, the strong heroine of this superb 1979 sci-fi thriller, she had the good luck and matching talent to be associated with a landmark role. And as the hit comedies Ghostbusters and Working Girl proved, she had the right light touch for comedy, as well. Repeating the Ripley character in two sequels and snagging other strong, smart, leading roles--including her acclaimed portrayal of Dian Fossey in Gorillas in the Mist--Weaver became one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood. She has been less visible recently, though many think her performance in Roman Polanski's 1994 film version of Death and the Maiden didn't get the recognition it deserved. In 1997, Weaver turned in a Golden Globe-nominated performance opposite Kevin Kline in director Ang Lee's The Ice Storm, and reprised her role as Ripley in Alien IV, which was quite a feat, considering the character was killed off in Alien 3. On a lighter note, she co-starred as an aging sci-fi series sexpot to Tim Allen's William Shatner-esque co-star in the 1999 space spoof Galaxy Quest.

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