Pamela Anderson

Occupation: Actress, Bombshell, Model
Date of Birth: July 1, 1967
Place of Birth: Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
Sign: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries
Relations: Estranged husband: Tommy Lee; kids: Brandon, Dylan Jagger; rumored companion: Marcus Schenkenberg (model)
Education: High school


IN the classic film The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman is given a one-word piece of advice for the future: plastics. Pamela Anderson Lee took that advice to& errr& chest. With some acting talent and some major surgery, she has become one of the most sought-after females on the planet.

Pamela Anderson Lee wasn't always the bombshell she is today. She was raised in a small town in British Columbia (even her birth made headlines  she was the first centennial baby born in the area), and claims she was something of a wild child (as a teenager, she would try to fool whoever might peek at her diary by writing "I'm going to be a virgin until I'm 19" throughout). She credits her eccentric grandfather for instilling in her a lifelong passion for what she calls her "New Age way of thinking"  a philosophy that includes "a fascination with mythology, fairy tales, crystals, meditation, and dream interpretation." Her life's ambition, according to her high school yearbook, was to be "a California beach bum."

Her first big break came out of the blue in 1989, while she was attending a professional football game in Vancouver. The cameraman focused in on her, and amplified her then less considerable  but still considerable  assets on a Jumbotron screen for all to see. Pamela happened to be wearing a Labatt's T-shirt, and she created such a sensation that Labatt's hired her to do commercials. Playboy soon called, and her career was launched. Hollywood, TV roles, life on the beach, surgical enhancements (she learned that she was far more popular with a couple of sacks of silicone implanted in her chest)  all of these followed in quick succession. She appeared on Married& With Children (bimbo), Home Improvement (Lisa, the Tool Time Girl), and, of course, Baywatch (C.J., the Speedo girl), and she also revisited the cover of Playboy (she's appeared on the cover more than any other woman). Pam has never worried about being stereotyped as a "dumb blonde," because, she says, "then I have nothing to live up to. I can only surprise people."

Although Pamela's Barb Wire, the futuristic tale of a post-feminist action hero, tanked at the box office, pre-feminist Pam claimed that she didn't care if she ever made another movie. For all her fame, she has always insisted that all she ever wanted to be was a wife and mother, and with that end in mind, she dated some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, including Dean "Superman" Cain,Sylvester Stallone, and Scott Baio (did we say "most eligible"?). She surprised the hell out of friends and family when she married Tommy Lee, Motley Crue's much-tattooed drummer, after a whirlwind four-day courtship. Though she was initially repulsed by Lee, and his habit of calling her 40 times a day, she fell in love with him after he followed her down to Cancun. They were married on the beach  the groom wore swimming trunks, the bride a white thong bikini.

Their relationship has been nothing if not bizarre from the very beginning. The couple suspended a swing over Tommy's piano in the living room of their Los Angeles home, so that Pamela could swing back and forth over his head  naked  while he composed music. Tommy didn't buy Pamela a diamond wedding ring because she believes that big diamonds are really about the size of a man's insecurity over his "little thing." Instead, she had her husband's name tattooed on her finger. He had hers tattooed on his penis, among other places.

The couple has been tabloid fodder since the day they married. Stills depicting them engaged in a thoroughly intimate sexual act, which were extracted from a videotape they claim was stolen from their house in 1995, were published in French Penthouse. (The video surfaced again in its entirety on the World Wide Web in late 1997. The Lees made an aborted attempt to sue the Internet Entertainment Group, the company that provided the footage to its customers, for invasion of privacy and for receiving stolen property.) Dating early in the marriage, rumors began circulating that Tommy was too controlling, that he kept Pamela in her trailer during the filming of 1996's Barb Wire, continually having sex, holding up production (she admits to the sex, but not to delaying production), and that he had been physically abusive. Initially, Pam denied the accusations, but it came as no surprise to anyone when she filed for divorce just shy of their two-year anniversary. The Lees almost immediately reconciled, renewed their vows, and welcomed their second child (son Brandon was born in 1996), a son named Dylan, in late 1997. Following an incident in which she called 911 to report that Tommy had attacked her during an argument (the alleged assault led to his arrest on spousal and child abuse charges and illegal firearm possession that resulted in a six-month jail term), Pamela filed for divorce for the second time, also petitioning for legal custody of the children.

On the professional front, Pamela returned to the small screen in 1998, as the star of the syndicated actioner V.I.P.

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