When a girl is going through adolescence, her body goes through a lot of change and the body has to cope up with hormone imbalances and as a result of which the skin is affected. Your face will be the first to bear the brunt of the physical imbalances going on in your body. Therefore at this age you have to take special care of your skin.

A flawless, silky and bright skin is a great asset so even if you are not born with a perfect complexion you can make an effort to take care of what you have properly. Read on…….


Makeup must be used only when going to parties coz it is best if you keep your skin as natural as possible. But with proper makeup you can really be the centre of attraction. Read on…………

Hair care at this age is essential coz good, shiny and bouncy hair reflects your physical well-being and it is also a great asset. So make your friends go zealous and envious by following our tips on hair care.

The right size bra will not only be comfortable but will also keep the shape of your breasts perfect. A lot of girls make a big mistake by choosing the wrong size and type. We bring you tips to buy the right bra for you. Read on……

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