Every person has a different face structure and therefore should apply makeup accordingly. However most of us don't know how to compliment the exact shape of our face and apply makeup to suit our face structure. We have brought for you different makeup techniques that will help you enhance your best features for your unique face shape.

To make the round face appear longer, use makeup to create lightness from the lower lip to the chin and from the brows to the hairline. Read onů

The main focus on a square face will be to elongate the appearance of the face by bringing lightness to the cheekbones, the centre of the forehead and the chin. Read onůů.

The oval face is considered the most aesthetically balanced face. Find out makeup tips to suit this face structure and make it look more appealing and lovely.

In a diamond-shaped face more emphasis is to be given to the chin, the cheeks and the forehead. Read onů.

The basic purpose of make-up skills for a rectangular face is to minimize the look of fullness in the forehead, jaw and chin. Read onů..

For a pear-shaped face, the wide jaw line is the major point of focus. Through the use of contouring and softening makeup, you can bring the look of this face into balance. Read onů.

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