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During summer you sweat a lot and because of that your make up is bound to get messy. The sweltering heat and humidity of the summer months can wreak havoc with your summer makeup. Foundation may seem to melt or liquefy, and no powder stands up to those little beads of sweat that collect around your hairline. Following tips will help you know what kind of make up to apply and how to prevent your makeup from melting down.

  • Skip the foundation, if possible, and opt for an oil free moisturiser. If you feel the need to apply foundation try replacing it with calamine lotion.

  • Or if you do need foundation keep it to a minimum, if possible just use some cover stick on the areas that really need coverage and apply a light oil-free moisturiser and work it in over your cover stick to give you a light natural glow.

  • Use blush-ons sparingly, preferably go bare cheeked.

  • Blot any perspiration or oil build by pressing a moistened tissue paper gently on the areas to keep that oily shine off your face

  • Look for long-wearing or waterproof mascara and choose eye pencils over liquid liners. Skip eyeliner and mascara on the lower lashes. It's likely to streak in the sweaty under-eye area.

  • Keep lips protected and moisturised. Use a lip balm and consider switching to a moisture-rich lipstick.

  • Forget matte and powdery lipsticks and go for gloss, in transparent, pink or fruity colours. If you love matte, try lip crayons for a more natural finish.

  • Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) suitable for the climatic conditions to help protect against sun exposure.

Following are a few handy tips:

To combat oily skin:

Try oil-free foundation or tinted moisturiser for a more matte look. Use powder (light and sheer) for T-zone touch ups. Instead of foundation, try tinted moisturisers or sunless tanners. Go one shade darker depending on your tan.

To combat sunburnt skin:

Always use sunscreen, and don't forget to apply to mostly-overlooked areas like eyelids, ears and neck. Sunscreen should be applied before moisturiser for maximum protection. Also use SPF on lips. If you burn, use lots of cream for hydration.

To combat runny make-up:

Waterproof is your best bet. Try powder blush, waterproof mascara, cream shadow and lip-gloss

To combat breakouts:

Always keep face clean and drink plenty of water. Try oil-free moisturisers. Use a blemish cover stick to hide pimples, and top with sheer powder.

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