Having lustrous and healthy hair is the dream of every woman. Beautiful hair is a must and therefore we have brought for you an entire hair care programme that will solve all your hair problems and also give you an idea as to which hairstyle will look good on you.

First and foremost, always comb your hair gently to prevent breakage. Hair is at its weakest when wet. So never brush your hair when wet. As far as possible let your hair dry naturally.Take proper care of your hair and they will in return compliment your personality.

Learn the causes, treatment and remedies of hair loss and get long lustrous locks by following our home remedies on loss of hair. Read on…..

The term dandruff has become a catchall name for an annoying and often embarrassing condition characterized by itchy or flaky scalp. Millions of people across the globe are affected by dandruff. Learn what causes dandruff and how to deal with it.

Trichoptilosis is a longitudinal splitting of hair fiber better known as "split ends". It develops after the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the end of hair fibers as a result of over processingDoes anything really fix split ends? Find out……

Dry hair looks dull and lifeless and craves for moisture and in most instances requires a healthy dose of protein. Read on to know what you can do to bring the bounce and life back into your hair.

Grey Hair is a symptom of improper protein synthesis. Hair grows white when the colour pigment (melanin) ceases to be produced in the hair follicle and small air spaces take its place. Find out more on what causes grey hair and its cure.

While you exercise you need to protect your hair from being damaged because of excessive sweating that causes dirt and grease to settle on your scalp etc. Read on…..

For getting that lovely golden, blond, hazel brown, maroon etc tinge on your hair find out what you have to do and rediscover the good old Mehendi for your hair . Read on....

Fed up with the same hairstyle, well what are you waiting for go get your hair COLOURED. Read on to find out all about colouring your hair, colours to suit your face and much more.

Whether applied at home or the highest priced salon in town, hair colour can sometimes take a bizarre detour and come out any hue, but the one that we hoped for. Read on…

Once you have got your hair coloured with your desired shade, the next thing that you want is to make the colour last for as long as possible. Read on….

Are you fed up of your hairstyle or your straight and thin hair? Nothing to worry coz perming your hair will not only increase the fullness of soft, fine hair but also put a curl or wave into straight hair. Read on…….

If you have curly hair and no longer want curls but want to go for straight hair, then here is what you have to do. Simple method that will give you straight and beautiful hair. Read on….


Did you know that any great look consists of three basic elements, the perfect haircut suitable for your facial shape, the proper styling products and the right makeup to go with the desired hairstyle. The style of your hair basically depends on the shape of your face. To know what hairstyle will suit you. Read on….


If you know what is the shape of your face and what hairstyle will look good on you then go ahead and pick any of the hairstyle that we have brought for you. Read on….

One look that is still very popular is the hair knot or hair twists. Knots and twists are still a hot favourite in the world of fashion with more and more celebrities and star going for knots.read more.....

If you are bored with tying up your ponytail then try out our funky ponytail styles and jazz up your ponytail in eight different ways.


In order to have those long lustrous locks all you need to do is follow a well balanced protein rich diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. The right vitamins and minerals play a major role in keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. Read on…..

Whether you are male or female, young or old, your hair is a reflection of who you are. Everyone envies long beautiful hair. Caring for your long locks is essential Healthy hair isn't only about looking good. It also can make you feel good. Read on……

Massaging the scalp helps keep your hair healthy and can also promote hair growth. It is also extremely relaxing, calming, and helps relieve headaches and migraines. Read on…..

Your face and your appearance depends a lot on your hairstyle. If you have long hair then you can try out French braid, which looks elegant, beautiful and very versatile. Read on…..

Compliment your hair and your hairstyle by using hair accessories which come in different shapes and styles that look attractive and helps create a perfect hairdo. Read on to find out how to style your hair with hair accessories

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