Choosing Foundation

When you apply foundation it should not be noticeable by anyone but you. Thus the job of foundation is to make your skin look naturally gorgeous and not to change its colour. The only way to find the right colour for your skin is to be brave and go shopping with no foundation on, armed with a compact mirror, and try out the bases on your face. Blend a small amount onto your cheek, near your jaw, and go out of the shop into the daylight. If it is the right colour you'll barely see it, it should match and blend right in with your actual skin colour. You may have to buy two foundations and blend them together to get the right colour. This may sound pricey but as your skin colour can vary with the seasons, it really makes sense. After finding the right colour base don't go putting the wrong colour powder on or you will ruin your hard work, the best option is to buy a "translucent" powder, which is slightly paler, as it will not affect the colour but will "set" your base. Steer clear of any base that looks slightly pink or orange. If you have a very dark skin tone, you will either have yellow or red undertones. Very often the central panel of your face is lighter that the outer part of your face, try to get a base that is a shade between the two tones.

Applying Foundation

  • Cleanse and moisturise your skin and wait a few minutes for the moisturiser to be absorbed.
  • For liquid or crème foundations, use a damp sponge and start by applying and blending from the eyes and T-zone outwards, similar to the steps below. · Start around the eye area and blend outwards.
  • Make sure you blend the foundation well and don't forget to bring it down over your jawbone onto your neck.
  • Don' forget to blend it into your hairline.
  • Before you set your foundation, (with a loose powder,) make sure there are no "creases" in the base, usually round the eyes or mouth. Smooth them out with your sponge and powder straight away.
  • Using a powder puff, apply the powder by gently pressing it into the skin, be liberal with it, and concentrate on the eyes and creases around the nostrils.
  • Then, using a large powder brush, dust off the excess powder in a "downwa

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