Fashion is an important aspect in every ones life. This is a comprehensive section on Indian fashion, fashion advice, fabrics, colours and clothes that suit your personality, importance of accessories and much more.


Every person has a different body structure and not every kind of clothes will suit you. But with little help and knowledge of fashion and dressing sense you can carry off any dress you wear . Read on...

Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what you want to wear for formal parties. But if you know what to wear and make a few formal dresses a part of your wardrobe, then the job becomes easy. Read on….


It can be embarrassing if you go to a party dressed in something that is not in vogue. You have to keep yourself updated on the fashion front. Read on…

fashionBeauty and fashion go hand in hand. Sometimes we think that we know all about fashion but there are a few fashion myths that ought to be revealed. Read on….

Dressing up is an art and the important thing about dressing right is you should look slim and tall in whatever you wear, no matter what your weight is. Read on…


Flatter your figure by knowing what suits you and what you should wear to camouflage the minus points and highlight the plus points. Learn what to wear to suit your shape. Read on….


Every woman wants to look attractive. Learn how to look sexy and stunning without sacrificing your modesty. Read on…


Women who have perfect legs consider themselves lucky but you need not worry for we have brought for you tips that will make you flaunt your legs just as much as the lucky ones. Read on….


Do you feel confused and lost when you have to buy a special dress for a special occasion. Well, don't worry, with a little help and a plan, you can find the perfect dress for your next occasion. Read on…..


In order to look fashionable and chic, you not only have to dress well but you also need to accessorize well. Did you know that a handbag can flatter your shape almost as much as the right pair of jeans? Read on….

The definition of fashion changes with age. What was sexy and cool in your teens may not look good on you in your 30’s. Dress cool and confident in your 30’s with the following tips.

Proper dressing, good posture, choice of proper colours and many other factors play an important role in your appearance and can infact make you look slim or fat. Read on to find out more.

earning to dress for success, or any other occasion for that matter, can be fun and exciting, or it can be confusing and mind boggling, or simply no fun at all. Find out.

An article giving an insight to the different kinds of fabrics and find out how fashion and fabric are co- related.

It's comfortable Never mind that the last thing that a 16-year-old considers while spending precious pocket money is the comfort factor, the fact remains that the salwar kameez is one of the most comfortable all weather outfits we have

Saree an Indian wear makes a woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous. But its important to drape a Saree properly as a clumsily draped Saree brings down the look of the Saree and spoils the whole appearance. Some basic steps on how to buy and drape a Saree .

Picking the right pair of jeans that make your figure look amazing is a bit difficult. Follow our guidelines to find the perfect fit jeans. Read on….

Camisoles look chic and sexy. For the drop-dead gorgeous look of this season you need to include camisole into your wardrobe. Learn how to carry off a camisole without baring a lot. Read on…

Your appearance and your dressing sense plays a major role to define and describe the person you are . Therefore to potray yourself you should understand your body type and select the right attire for you. Read on ...

You will be considered beautiful not only by your features but by the way you dresses, by the way you present yourself, by your confidence and your style. Find out the most common fashion mistakes that we make. Read on…….

Personality is not simply about looking attractive, but it is colour sense and knowing the trick of playing with colours and wearing appropriate colour at the appropriate time and occasion. Proper dress code with proper colur code even boosts up your moral and you feel more comfortable and also make a lot of difference to the image you project.

Colours can make or break an ensemble, whether you are dressing for party, office or wedding it makes a lot of difference. The shade of colour you wear can make all the difference to your attire.

Proper colour choice reveals personality, distinguishes work from pleasure, marks important events and makes you more confident and focussed in life. Find out how to enhance your personality and image by using proper colours. Read on…….

Have you ever thought how would The Statue of Liberty look with a black torch in her hand? Doesn't the very thought make you shudder? That just shows how important is it to have the right accessories, for 'clothes alone do not maketh a man'. Read on...

Fragrance, that essence of luxury and pleasure, is a very important aspect for a woman. Choosing the right perfume to suit your style and needs is challenging, but rewarding and fun. Your perfume is a way of expressing your personality.

If fragrance is the way of life then check out which scent is the most preferred by your zodiac sign. Check out the compatible scents for your element. Read on….

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