A woman expresses herself through her eyes and therefore you have to take special care to make them more expressive and beautiful. We bring you tips that will help you take care of your eyes and much more.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows can make your eyes look larger and give your face a clean, polished look. Find out which shape will suit your face and also tips to have a beautiful eyebrow at home.


Long, sweeping lashes are a sign of glamour and femininity. Some are born with it while some crave for it. We have brought for you a few tips that will help you have wonderful, long and sexy lashes.


Dark circles occur under the eye due to a combination of reasons. It is noticeable under the eye, as people get older. Learn more on how to alleviate or conceal dark circles.


Beautiful eyes are the very essence of youth and beauty. But as time goes by, stress, lack of sleep and many other factors contribute to the puffiness of eyes, which can lessen its beauty. Want to reduce the puffiness under your eye? Read on……………

With so many different frames and styles available choosing the right frame for your face is a tough job. Find out tips that will help you choose the right frame. Read on…..

Proper sunglasses are most important during summer because it protects your eye from the harmful uv-rays that are the cause of blindness; cataracts etc. To know more about sunglasses Read on...

Colored contact lenses have become more and more popular as they become more affordable and accessible.
Similarly, more and more people are also going for the more subtle vision correction method: prescription contact lenses.Learn more about contact lenses .

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