A comprehensive section on fundamentals of designing that aims to provide guidelines for the buyer, the vendor and students interested in designing.

Designing basically involves giving form to a particular idea by keeping into mind the different aspects of designing such as proportion, flow, balance, rhythm etc. Read on…….

Learning the fundamentals of designing is the stepping-stone towards getting to know the concepts of designing. Read on to learn the elements of designing.

A silhouette refers to the outer shape of the garment. In this section we have discussed the basic silhouette that may be incorporated into the Indian silhouette.

This section gives an idea to the different kind of patterns essential for designing i.e., necklines, sleeves, trousers and lengths of kurta.

Learn the different kinds of motifs used to ornament a particular fabric, which basically forms the grooming up of the art of designing.

A repeat is basically an arrangement of a tiny pattern that is repeated all over the design area. Find out the different kinds of repeats.

Colours are the crowning glory of designing basics. Find out which different colours are used and their combinations and importance.

In this section we have brought for you the basic fabrics that are generally used for designing and also tried to incorporate a collection of the basic fabrics used in Indian wear.

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