Though we all know that "beauty is skin deep" but it is necessary that one must care for one's body and appearance to look beautiful and attractive. Beautiful and accurate makeup can make a woman look very attractive, elegant and give her much more self-confidence and self-reliance. Actually you need only a little of cosmetics to look wonderful. All you need is to use it right. Follow our makeup tips and take on the world.

Your face is the first part of your body, which is noticed. Therefore it is important to apply the right makeup. Read on for some valuable insights about foundation, concealer, powder and blush. Read on...

When it comes to makeup and beauty this season, the word is simplicity. Even though the season's fashion trends include plenty of glamour, beauty trends are simple. Read onů.

Foundation is a "backdrop" to your makeup. It's meant to create the kind of "perfect" skin that women have always dreamt of. Learn the tricks of applying foundation accurately. Read on…

Blush is an important part of make-up. Blusher adds color and depth to the skin and can give our cheeks, forehead and nose a healthy, dazzling look. Read on…..

A woman expresses herself through her eyes and therefore you have to take special care to make them more expressive by applying the perfect makeup. Learn the secrets of applying shadows, lines and mascara.

Beautiful and healthy hair brings a radiance and glamour in a woman. Therefore proper hair care and hairstyle to go with it will bring all the more difference in your over all makeup. Read on.

Your smile will make someone's day. The power of smile is great. With proper care, colour and tips you can take on the whole world.

Have you tried lip gloss yet? There's nothing that makes you look more glamorous as quickly as lip gloss does. Find out the different types of lip glosses and choose what's best for you. Read on….

You cannot neglect your nails for they also play an important role in your beauty program. Therefore be as daring as you can and paint your nails in the sexiest way you can.

If you have dark skin tone, then you should stick to warm, earthy colours. Learn more about applying makeup for dark skin tone.

Accurate makeup can make a woman look very attractive, elegant and give her much more self-confidence and self-reliance. In this article we have brought for you makeup tips for different occasion. Read on…..


In our hectic lifestyle it becomes difficult to manage work, home, family and also take time out to throw and attend parties. Look gorgeous party perfect in just a few mins. Read on….


With makeup you can accentuate your favourite feature and also camouflage your least favourite features. Following are few ways to use makeup to make your least favorite features look great.


Every season brings in a different make up trend. This season the trend though is simple and refined, but the theme is to experiment and go wild and crazy. Read onů


Going to bed without removing your makeup properly will lead to problems like acne, aging, unhealthy and dull skin. Follow the following rules of removing makeup and get a glowing and envious skin.


Women who wear makeup should carry out a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturing programme everyday in order to keep there face smooth, vibrant and supple. Read onů

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