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Bust (Breast) Care

Breasts are largely made up of fat globules and fibrous connective tissue. Breasts in fact do not have any muscular tissues and are held by the muscles, which lie between the rib cage. Hence if these muscles, which are called pectorals, are in good shape, then your breasts will get a good cleavage and lift.

Around 50 per cent of women are unhappy with their breasts. And their size and shape is largely beyond our control. They are liable to change size of their own accord quite regularly due to hormonal changes, losing or gaining weight, pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Ageing, pregnancy, and repeated dieting can all contribute to the southward journey of your bust by changing the natural elasticity of the cutaneous tissue. But diet, exercise and proper care can all contribute towards a healthier chest.

Exercise of the pectoral muscles will help to improve the appearance of the bust as you can strengthen the supportive ligaments, which stretch from the nipple to the underside of the breast. The actual breast doesn't have any muscle so if it's already sagging, there's not much you can do to defy gravity. Exercises, breast creams, along with massage, may improve appearance and texture and even lessen stretch marks. However if you have a real problem, then cosmetic surgery is probably the only way to really change your bust.

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