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The latest craze in the glamour and fashion world is blue jeans. Teenagers, models, celebrities are going crazy about denim and their favourite colour is blue. When choosing denim today the range is varied and choices are numerous. Jeans is available not only in flare, boot-cut, straight cut, low-cut but today jeans is available in all sorts and for all purpose wear. The favourite is blue jeans skirts which look absolutely dashing and fit the seasons alsosins'.

"You can get Jeans in shapes that you are comfortable for the particular occasion eg., a utilitarian style for getting down and dirty; a baggy fit for relaxing on weekends; a low-rise, stretch denim fem-fit to wear with this season's trendy ruffled and peasant blouses; jeans in a fancy fashion wash or decorated or distressed for clubbing; a pair of crisp dark denims for dressier occasions; and a classic five-pocket jean to wear 24/7", says Deepak Malhotra, model co-ordinator.

Today jeans is available in different styles, decorated or embroidered, sandblasted, stonewashed or soiled, distressed or bleached. "Fashion is basically evolving and people want to experiment. There are certain trends that people maintain (classic five-pockets and low cuts) but today everyone wants to mix and match. They might like one style and want to include it in denim and thus set their own fashion statement. The only thing that's congruent is that there's a denim motif through everything.", says Murali, fashion designer.

Thus Jeans wear companies today are catering to such diverse appetites by cranking out denim for all seasons and reasons.

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