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Chinese Zodiac

ROOSTER (Born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

About their personality: Roosters are the most eccentric of the Chinese zodiac. They are full of dreams and romantic ideas. They are colorful and attractive, radiant and dashing, and they are quite proud of themselves. Roosters are organized, precise, and their sharp eyes seek out fine details in everything. They are perfectionists and leave no room for human error. To Roosters, a difficult task is a challenge. They dearly love starting controversies. Roosters express themselves very well both in writing and speech. They are knowledgeable in most subjects you wish to discuss. When you challenge them you must be prepared for a long fight. Their stamina is amazing and they win their point at all costs. Even when they are wrong, they will still be right in one way or another!

Roosters can be blunt and brutal. Their direct approach to life makes them poor diplomats. They speak their minds with little regard for the feelings of others. Roosters are good at handling money and their self-control with keeping budgets is phenomenal. They are not miserly, and in fact, they can be extremely generous and giving. If you have trouble, Roosters quickly straighten you out whether you want them to or not. Roosters are careful with their time and you only deserve so much, so plan things well. Roosters are sincere in their desire to help and no one can carry out important tasks like them.

Roosters are ambitious and they aim for the sky. They have a deep passion for their chosen fields, and they are very creative. They usually start out young in life and enjoy success early in their careers. They do well in their own businesses. They are meticulous and competent enough to make things work. When they set out to accomplish something, they leave no stone unturned. They probe deeply with their inquisitive, busy minds. They never remain still. Roosters must learn that some things take time. No matter how competent they are, they can't reprogram the whole world to fit their schedules! They achieve the most amazing things, but Roosters always become eccentric over the final details.

Never underestimate Roosters. They are optimistic and dauntless. They never change their course of action even if the world thinks they are wrong! They are so determined to make some of their wild and idealistic plans work that their plans often do work. With their many splendid talents and eccentric ways, Roosters hit it big!

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Rooster

It is interesting that they can get along well with people born in the year of the snake, because their sanguineness and the latter's shrewdness and slipperiness complement each other. People born in the year of the ox also welcome their liveliness because it animates their dull lives, and those born in the year of the dragon like to learn from their far-sighted ambition.

They can also make good friends with the people born in the year of the tiger, sheep, monkey or pig. But there may be fights with others born in the year of the rooster and people born in the year of the rat. It is difficult for them to have close relations with people born in the year of the rabbit, for their contentiousness will often violate the latter, though they are usually kind-hearted and concessive. Their relationship with people born in the year of the dog is changeable. When their views are identical, they will become close friends, otherwise, they will regard each other as strangers. When necessary, they can cooperate with each other. But if there is a marriage between them, it is doomed to failure.

Compatibility Chart

Rooster and RAT
Difficulties in relating to one another. No lasting or special ties can be achieved. Will avoid or moderately tolerate each other at best.

Rooster and OX
Excellent union. A highly successful team. No difficulties in communicating with each other. Have a great deal in common.

Rooster and TIGER
Communication gaps and mutual reservations. Many slight but irritating clashes. Moderate to cool relations at very best.

Rooster and RABBIT

Not compatible. Dissent and disagreements. Cannot understand each other. Personality clashes in love and business. Very little in common.

Rooster and DRAGON
Very compatible and successful match. Prosperous and happy union. Have deep understanding of each other. Lasting ties.

Rooster and SNAKE
Excellent relationship in marriage or partnerships. Will trust and understand each other. Have strong bonds and will be successful.

Rooster and HORSE
HAve distant respect for each other. Personality differences and barriers to overcome before they work together successfully

Rooster and SHEEP
Some mutual reservations and difficulty in relating to one another. Will tolerate each other's company only to moderate degree.

Rooster and MONKEY
Cool or formal ties. Will not care to understand each other. Could cooperate when they have mutual interests at stake.

Rooster and ROOSTER

Clashes of wills and struggle for superiority in their contact with each other. Few areas of understanding. Civil ties at best.

Rooster and DOG

Moderate to cool ties. Problems in relating to each other and some underlying resentment. Will just tolerate each other at best.

Rooster and BOAR

May have some areas of mutual interest. No deep understanding of each other's personality but will cooperate when necessary.


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