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Chinese Zodiac

HORSE (Born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

About their personality: Horses are very appealing people. They are warm and friendly and dearly love social gatherings with plenty of people. They have a high spirited nature and are changeable. This makes them hot-tempered, rash, and headstrong. They are always falling in and out of love.

Horses are adventurers at heart, but they do have sharp minds and good abilities for managing money. They are self-reliant and energetic. They love exercise, both mental and physical. Their movements are rapid, yet graceful; their speech is quick, yet elegant. Horses want things their way and they will become aggressive when all else fails. They value their freedom above all else. They are not possessive or jealous of others. It is hard for them to follow a schedule for they have no respect for routine. They keep strange hours and suffer from insomnia. When they stop, it is usually from exhaustion.

Horses are full of new ideas to solve tricky problems. When they have an idea, they want to get right to it. They work around the clock until they finish. Horses want you to come to the point quickly since they don't have time to spare. They will not care if you are blunt, just don't waste their time.

Horses must be allowed to show their emotions. They are hot-blooded, hot-tempered, and impatient, and they will gladly demonstrate. In love, Horses are quite vulnerable. They give up everything for the object of their affections. This causes them trouble since they are such impulsive creatures! They must learn to use caution.

Horses don't mind starting over. They maintain their determination and enjoy new successes. They belong in careers where they are surrounded by people. They sway crowds and love being flattered. Colorful and lively, they make many friends. If they could be in several places at once, they would be delighted! Their spirit is restless and searching. Creativity is part of their being. They are talented writers and performers

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Horse

Their best companions are people born in the year of the tiger, dog and sheep. Those born in the year of dragon, snake, monkey, rabbit, pig and rooster can become their friends, and others born in the year of the horse can get along well with them.

They do not like people born in the year of the mouse because they cannot appreciate their changeable natures. They also have conflicts with people born in the year of the ox, who are stubborn, firm and persistent.

Compatibility Chart

Horse and RAT
Unhappiness and strong animosities. Personality clashes and bitter rivalry in marriage an business relations. Highly incompatible.

Horse and OX
Not very lasting or congenial ties. Some barriers in communications. Few similar interests. Cool relationships.

Horse and TIGER
Excellent and happy match in love or business. No troubles trsuting or communicating with each other. Highly compatible team.

Horse and RABBIT
Do not have much in common. Cannot relate well to each other. Uncoopeartive or indifferent ties in love and business.

Horse and DRAGON
Mutual respect with some underlying clashes for dominance. Will be able to communicate to a certain degree to settle grievances. Moderate ties.

Horse and SNAKE
Have some difficulties comprehending each other. Unlikely to have much in common. Polite or distant relations at best.

Horse and HORSE
Have a lot in common. Teamwork can achieved. Mutual cooperation and success in their relations. Good and lasting ties.

Horse and SHEEP
Strong affinity and attraction for each other. Mutually beneficial relations in love and business. Very compatible and successful ties.

Horse and MONKEY
Will cooperate to a certain degree to achie common goals. Share some similar interests. No strong ties or understanding.

Horse and ROOSTER
Some communication barriers and personality clashes. Will be able to work out their differences. Cool to amicable relations.

Horse and DOG
Very Happy and compatible union. Success and prosperity in love and partnership. Deep understanding and affinity for one another.

Horse and BOAR
Some areas of mutual interest. Moderately compatible. No special attraction but no strong clashes either.


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