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Chinese Zodiac

DOG (Born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

About their personality: Dogs are honest, straightforward, and friendly. They are extremely protective of themselves and their loved ones. With a passion for fair play and justice, they never fail to rescue you time after time. They are true humanitarians and suffer with the world. Having sharp eyes, they will see through people's motives. They are quite private about their personal lives and someone prying into their affairs make them secretive and withdrawn. Once you gain their confidence, they open up freely.

Once Dogs classify you, they rarely change their minds. You are either friend or enemy. Luckily, they are good judges of character and have superb insight into human nature. Dogs are tolerant of their friends. Before they approve of you, the friendship must develop slowly with a variety of meetings and conversations. If they look you over and decide they can trust you, you remain in their hearts forever. If you need them, Dogs will be there.

When the time is right, Dogs work long and hard, but they know how to relax, and enjoy their home and loved ones. The Dogs have playful moods and a great sense of humor. They have quick emotions and if you offend them, they will snarl and insult you with expertise. They forgive with the same speed. Dogs are intelligent and well-balanced. With their stable minds, they make good counselors or psychologists. They endure during any crisis situation. They are trustworthy people and know how to keep a secret. Being efficient and very diplomatic, they can hide their prejudices well. Most Dogs have a comfortable home and do well. Dogs always defend what is theirs and have a high sense of value. Home and family come first, and Dogs will work to see that they have the best!

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility - Dog

They can get along in harmony with those born in the year of the horse, snake, monkey, pig, or even the dog, but not the ox or sheep, and especially not the rooster. They collide with those born in the year of the dragon and never trust them.

Compatibility Chart

Dog and RAT
Have respect and admiration for one another. No serious differences or personality clashes. Could have good teamwork in common aims.

Dog and OX
Do not have many areas of similar interest. Some communication gaps and unsympathetic feelings. Will not relate very well together.

Dog and TIGER
Excellent math. No difficulties in communication in this union. Will achieve success and prosperity in love or business relations.

Dog and RABBIT
Highly compatible and rewarding relationship. Deep trust and affinity for one another. Will find prosperity and happiness together.

Dog and DRAGON
Serious clashes and strong conflicts. Cannot comprehend or trust each other. Highly incompatible. Cannot see eye to eye.

Dog and SNAKE
Mutual respect and certain areas of common interest. No large conflicts. Will cooperate to a good extent. Fairly amicable ties.

Dog and HORSE
Very compatible combination. Successful and happy relations in love and partnerships. Deep affinity and permanent bonds for one another.

Dog and SHEEP
Tolerate each other at best. Have very little in common and no special need for each other's company. Incompatible team.

Dog and MONKEY
Have underlying respect for each other. No clashes of wills. Good and workable relations in love and partnerships. Will cooperate well together.

Nothing solid or lasting will result from ththis relationship. Some resentment and communication gaps. Moderate to cool ties at best.

Dog and DOG
No conflicts. Congenial and cooperative ties. Compatible to a good extent. Will work together amicably for common goals.

Dog and BOAR
No serious personality clashes. No struggles for dominance. Acceptable and agreeable to a certain degree. A moderate relationship.


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