Hindustani Classical Music


Ustad Vilayat KhanUstad Vilayat Khan

Vilayat Khan occupies an important place in the world of classical instrumental music. Recognized internationally as one of India's greatest musicians, there are few to equal him in his mastery over the most widely known Indian instrument, the sitar. He revolutionized sitar performance through his introduction of the gayaki ang, or vocal style. His distinctive "vocal" approach is probably the most imitated sitar style in the world today.

Born into a family of outstanding musicians, Vilayat Khan traces his heritage back seven generations to Torab Khan, an acknowledged master of the surbahar and sitar. He began his studies with his father, the celebrated sitarist Inayat Khan, and gave his first public performance at the age of six and made his first recording when he was eight. He also had early training in vocal music from his maternal grandfather, Bande Hussain Khan, and his maternal uncle, Zinda Hussain Khan. It is to these two teachers that he owes much of his originality, bringing to the sitar the various techniques learned in the study of vocal music. Vilayat Khan has received numerous awards and honors for his virtuosity and contribution to Indian music and has toured India, Euro pe, the Soviet Union, East Africa, China, Afghanistan, Iran and the United States.

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