Folk Dance forms of India

The most popular instinctive dance of men in Punjab, Bhangra , if not the most robust, is one of India's popular folk dances. This dance is performed during the Baisakhi festival to the accompaniments and songs of Dholak. The dancers snap their fingers, do balancing tricks and indulge in acrobatic feats. They recite witty couplets known as bolis and out of sheer exuberance mouth meaningless sounds such as hoay, hoay. The dancers are dressed in lungis and turbans. The drummer usually takes his place in the centre of the circle. The counterpart of the Bhangra is the Gidha, danced by womanfolk. The dance is a group number, but often individual dancers or pairs detach themselves from the group and perform while the rest keep clapping in rhythm. In this as in the Hikat of Kashmir, pairs of dancers go round and round with the feet planted at one place. The festival of Teeyan, to welcome the rains is the principal time for the Gidha.

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