Craft traditions


Both the literature and the metal images excavated by archaeologists establish the fact that the art of bronze casting has been continuously practised in India for more than five millenia. In India each metal is believed to possess its own alchemic and healing properties.

The Indian metalsmith is known for various methods of metal working and has created forms with vision, conception and sensitivity of a sculptor.

Interesting brass and iron work is done in Ladakh, where highly ornamental and soundly effective kitchen stoves are made purely by hand. Many items are made here by the combination of silver, brass and copper. Copper vessels of Kashmir with floral designs and calligraphy show the excellent artisanship.

Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat present wide range of brass items. In South India, metal icons, especially of bronze, are believed to absorb the charged energy of The Divine which is stored in the inner sanctum of a temple where the icon is installed. Ornaments, utensils, icons and figures are made out of different metals. These objects are further embellished through punching, engraving, inlaying and enamelling.

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