Craft Traditions


Glass is one of the most beautiful materials contrived by man. Archaeological discoveries in India reveal the existence of glass in very ancient times. There is mention of glass in the epic Mahabharata.

The Mughals perceived the aesthetic potential of glass. Glass articles like bowls, tumblers and bottles for precious stuff like Indian scents (attars) were popular during that time. New designs and exquisite shapes in a variety of rich colours kept blossoming. Engraving on glass during the Mughal period reflect the delicate foliated decorations of the period.

Glass bangles constitute a world of their own, so vast a dimension do they have in infinite varieties, beyond description. Glass items such as phials, bottles, jars, lamp chimneys are attractively made and the shapes have a wide range.

Glass objects are decorated in the tikuli technique. Traditional pictures like those made on the walls of houses, highly decorative and attractive, are made on glass with gold or silver pieces to fill up the entire picture.

The oriental shapes, designs and the typical Indian colours in glass make Indian glassware distinct.

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