Learn about Indian ancient and traditional paintings, sculptures and craft traditions and get an insight to the brilliance and splendour of our traditional art.

India is known for its beautiful and elegant dance forms. The whole world enjoys our classical and folk dance forms and people all around the globe are now learning and experiencing the beauty of our traditional dance forms. Learn all about it.

Learn all about the composer of our great Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Panchatantra etc and about the other numerous compositions and authors who with their astonishing and brilliant literature and songs, poem, novel etc have achieved name and fame all over the world.

India is a country of various festivals where people of different caste and community come together and celebrate these festivals with joy and happiness. Learn all about the various festivals and the meaning, purpose and story behind each of them.

In India there are fifteen national languages recognized by the constitution and these are spoken in over 1600 dialects. The country has a wide variety of local languages and in many cases the State boundaries have been drawn on linguistic lines. Learn all about the different languages of our country.

Check out the graceful and elegant monuments that have been designed and built at times when there were no heavy machinery or resources. Read our articles to find out the beautiful and lovely monuments built all over India.

Learn all about Indian classical music, singers and musicians who have captivated the hearts of people all around the world by their music and talent.


India is a country with varied religion yet people of this country live in peace and harmony since every religion preaches love and respect for all. Learn more.
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